Debate #1 Assignment

Debate #1: Stalinism

Central Question: Do the triumphs of the Stalinist justify the tragedies?

Debate Teams: Work with your team to thoroughly prepare your arguments in favor of your assigned debate position. Make sure you are familiar with all relevant historical facts and primary sources; your arguments should be based first and foremost on these materials. Be prepared to answer both the questions outlined on this assignment sheet and relevant questions posed by the audience. *Please note: collaboration is a big part of this assignment! All team members should contribute to preparation and performance.

Audience Members: You must actively participate in the debate, as well! Be prepared to respond to the debate teams with your own comments and questions. Be sure to review the primary sources and textbook. Think about how you would answer the questions on this assignment sheet and about what other issues and questions you would like to discuss.

Team Yes: Hannah, Sarah, and Ian
Team No: Katie, Taylor, and Naomi